Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology invites representatives from foreign research institutions and private business companies to submit online application to become an independent expert of our Agency. 

Agency is looking for experts in these scientific areas: life sciences (biotechnology, biomedicine and others), technological sciences (ICT, electronic and engineering, energy technologies, nanotechnologies, space technologies and others), social sciences and humanities, other fields. 

The experts will be responsible for assessment of R&D projects.

Requirements for candidates from research institutions (scientists, researchers): 

  • Over the last five years period to have at least 5 scientific articles/publications (with a citation index) included in the database of Information Scientific Institute; 
  • Experience in the field of the expert assessment;
  • Experience of participation in R&D projects.

Requirements for candidates from business organizations: 

  • At least five years of experience in the field of investments and innovations (patents, registered patent applications, etc.),
  • Cooperation with research institutions,
  • Experience in the field of the assessment of applications of R&D projects.

If you would like to become an expert, please, simply complete the form below to express your interest in becoming an Expert to evaluate proposals.

Application form

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