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Project coordinator: Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology Agency (MITA).
Project duration: 2016 July - 2019 July (36 months).
Project budget: 1 403 744,26 EUR.

Project aim – to stimulate integration of enterprises into clusters, to increase maturity of clusters, and to promote growth and international cooperation.

Project partner: Lithuanian Innovation Center (LIC).

Project tasks:

  1. to stimulate integration of enterprises into clusters and increase maturity of clusters;
  2. to promote internalization of clusters and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) integration into international clusters initiatives.

The project activities:

  • clusters’ maturity sessions,
  • consultations of experts regarding cluster development and growth issues,
  • special events for clusters and information days for SMEs,
  • events for foreign partner search according to Lithuanian Smart Specialization strategy,
  • partner search services,
  • consultations on involvement of new international members and Lithuanian SMEs integration into foreign clusters,
  • dissemination of information and publications about Lithuanian clusters, which invest in R&D activities.

Project website: www.klaster.lt

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