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Four Lithuanian SMEs won grants in the latest HORIZON 2020 competition

3 / 30 / 2016

Lithuanian high-tech companies won new projects under the SME instrument in the largest EU Research and Innovation Programme HORIZON 2020. The SME instrument is a grant programme within HORIZON 2020, which aims to support world-level innovation. Project beneficiaries are companies Ruptela, Nova Fabrica, Nanoavionics, and Ortho Baltic.

For the first time Lithuania won the 2nd Phase grant of the SME instrument, which support large scale projects. The transport technology company Ruptela has succeeded and received a grant of € 1,19 M for its project entitled “Delivering next generation Transport Management System to European transport SMEs”.

The result of this type of projects has to be an innovative product, introduced into the market. Companies may receive grants for innovation development and demonstration purposes from € 0,5 M euro till € 2,5 M (70 % of total cost of the project as a general rule). European Commission announced that 30 SMEs from 13 countries received funding of €48.6 M. The firms from the UK and Italy have received the greatest level of funding (€10.0 M and 4.3 M, respectively). The Commission got 1090 project proposals in total.

The latest results under the SME instrument Phase 1, which support business innovation feasibility studies, have been also announced. The Lithuanian SMEs Nova Fabrica, Nanoavionics, and Ortho Baltic will each receive € 50.000 for design feasibility studies in their projects. Later projects may be considered for further funding up to € 2.5 million (Phase 2). Together with the results, announced last year, a total of 8 Lithuanian SMEs (Elinta, Saulės vėjo aruodai, Ferentis, Gumos technologijos, and Ruptela) have received funding for phase one (Phase 1). The company Ruptela has received funding for both phase.

 “We aim to demonstrate Lithuania as an innovative country and motivate business to develop innovative products and services, be competitive in the global market. We encourage business sector to participate in HORIZON 2020, particularly in the SME Instrument. To achieve a significant breakthrough, SMEs need to have a brilliant idea, a well-prepared proposal, and orientation to European challenges. I believe that we can achieve success in the future”, - said Anzelma Ūselienė, Head of the International Programmes Division of MITA.

What is Horizon 2020 SME Instrument?

The SME Instrument is EU a co-funding scheme. The SME instrument provide easy access with simple rules and procedures, as well as a staged support in 3 phases which cover the whole innovation cycle – from the initial technical feasibility of a project through to demonstration and eventual commercialisation. SME instrument aims to fill gaps in funding for early-stage, high-risk research and innovation by SMEs as well as stimulating breakthrough innovations.

The SME instrument cover all fields of science, technology and innovation in a bottom-up approach within a given societal challenge or enabling industrial technology so as to leave sufficient room for all kinds of promising ideas, notably cross-sector and inter-disciplinary projects, to be funded. The aim of the SME instrument is to provide support to all types of innovation given each activity has a clear European added‑value.

The call for proposals is constantly open.

SME instrument beneficiaries: