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Lithuanian NCP system and contacts

Since the 1st September, 2010 the administration of FP7 in Lithuania has been split between two institutions: Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology and Research Council of Lithuania.

Research Council of Lithuania:

National coordinator Dr. Aistė Vilkanauskytė
Bio NCP (alternative) Dr. Audrius Žvikas
Environment NCP Dr. Audrius Žvikas
Health NCP (alternative) Dr. Audrius Žvikas
Ideas (ERC) NCP Dr. Aistė Vilkanauskytė
INCO NCP Ms. Agnė Palevičiūtė
Infrastructures NCP Ms. Agnė Palevičiūtė
JRC NCP Dr. Aistė Vilkanauskytė
Mobility NCP Dr. Aistė Vilkanauskytė
Regional NCP (alternative) Ms. Agnė Palevičiūtė
SiS NCP Ms. Agnė Palevičiūtė
SSH NCP Ms. Agnė Palevičiūtė 

Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology:

Bio NCP Mrs. Raimonda Petkevičienė
Energy NCP Dr. Viktoras Mongirdas
EURATOM NCP Dr. Viktoras Mongirdas
Health NCP Mrs. Raimonda Petkevičienė
ICT NCP Mr. Arūnas Beržinskas
JRC NCP (alternative) Dr. Viktoras Mongirdas
Legal and financial NCP Ms. Domilė Lideikytė
NMP NCP Mr. Arūnas Beržinskas
Regional NCP Mr. Arūnas Beržinskas
Security NCP Dr. Viktoras Mongirdas
SME NCP Mr. Arūnas Beržinskas
Space NCP Dr. Viktoras Mongirdas
Transport NCP Dr. Viktoras Mongirdas
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