Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA) helps to establish startup companies by providing financial support for research activities. During 2012-2013 period 17 startups have been established by young entrepreneurs from universities.   

Interactive learning tools

The product is intended to be used as a toy for children in speech and/or communication development exercises. Start-up is looking for the partnership in: Device has voice recorder –player and radio frequency identification (RFID) reader. Pre-recorded phrases (specially chosen by speech/language therapist) are linked to the RFID tags. These tags can be added to child’s environmental objects (toys, pictures, etc.). When child brings the toy closer to the object with RFID tag, device reads tags unique identification number and checks for corresponding phrase. If match is found, sound naming this object is played. Device can be used by children of various ages. 

Start-up is looking for the partnership in:  

  • development and application of the product and idea;
  • commercialization of the product;
  • joint projects.

JSC “InLoga”, e-mail:

Unstable rowing simulator

The simulator can simulate characteristics of sculling boat on the water. Users can be wellness and rehabilitation centres, sports clubs and private clients.

Main advantages: 

  • rower must keep his balance;
  • coordinate movements;
  • more muscle groups are working;
  • the risk of muscle and joint injuries is decreased.  

JSC “Abili”, e-mail:

Video Door Phone with Mobile Access

Video door phone (alternatively, intercom) is a communications device, that allows house or flat owner to talk and see a visitor at the door, even open doors using smart phone.

Mobile access to the door phone delivers extra comfort and ensures even greater home security. A user can communicate with a visitor while shopping, having holidays abroad or simply sitting on a sofa in their living room. At any time, video archive of missed door calls can be viewed on the phone too.

Home security is complemented by video door phone integration with security cameras.

JSC “Techn”, e-mail:

Smart technology solution for disabled

The main goal of the product - to provide intelligent computer interface for the persons who have high level disabilities by employing their voluntary controlled eye motions, i.e., gaze. 

The small motions of the user’s eye are captured using special mini camera and dedicated software which translates those motions to the mouse cursor position or special command to the external device (depends on the application, for example, the control of electrical wheelchair). All calculations are done in the real time; therefore, the users can interact with the computer programs, such as Skype, directly without controlling own arms or assistance of special staff. bilities by employing their voluntary controlled eye motions, i.e., gaze.

Company believes that such affordable product can forefeel the need of the disabled persons to be more independent and more valuable.

JSC “Power of Eye”, e-mail:


Laser damage testing solutions for photonics companies

Lidaris” is an innovative SME offering Laser-Induced Damage Threshold (LIDT) metrology service for companies involved in laser optics development, application and distribution. Following a recent optimization of laser damage testing process, company performs high throughput testing of optical parts in a wide range of environmental conditions. Detailed and comprehensive measurement reports are delivered to company’s customers after testing.

The key benefits appreciated by LIDARIS customers include:es involved in laser optics development, application and distribution. Following a recent optimization of laser damage testing process, company performs high throughput testing of optical parts in a wide range of environmental conditions. Detailed and comprehensive measurement reports are delivered to company’s customers after testing.

  • Guidance in the optimization of the manufacturing of optical
  • elements for high power laser applications;
  • Evaluation of LIDT in a very broad range of experimental conditions;
  • Help in the selection of appropriate optics vendors for a laser application;
  • High throughput FEMTO-second and nano-second laser damage certification
  • Detailed testing and measurement reports containing easy to understand statistical data;
  • Speed and efficiency in processing the testing orders;
  • Consulting and cooperation in scientific Research and Development (R&D) projects.

JSC “Lidaris”, e-mail:

Massive multiplayer online strategy game

Nebula 44 features: 

  • Powerful trading system that allows people to exchange in-game currency  for game resources, 
  • Real-time real-world based movement system that allows  players to interact while travelling,
  • Beautiful combat replays that can be slowed down to analyze battle tactics, 
  • Units that can be specialized to player’s liking and strategies,
  • Real-time in-game chat system and forums for player cooperation and help. 

JSC “Invenis”, e-mail:


Molecular biotechnology 

Company “MeetAGene -  recently established Lithuanian company formed of the specialists in molecular biology and informatics working in the field of cancer biology. It is possessing a recently established bioinformatics algorithm to analyze data of global research databases to uncover the links of genomics information with the biology of disease of interest (or the other biological phenomenon).

 Such analysis which is offered as a service for the interested party (for example the team carrying on the biotech project) would reduce the experimental stage of the project and would save the time and resources otherwise consumed for the experimental research. To perform the analysis the team of MeetAGene needs the primary data (formulation of the problem, idea of the possible solution of the problem) from the interested party.

JSC “MeetAGene”, e-mail:

Navigation solution

SearchNode is an advanced site search and navigation solution for e-commerce stores that helps shoppers find items easier and buy more in total as a result.

On average half of online shoppers leave empty-handed because of poor search or navigation features in e-commerce stores. SearchNode offers real-time, semantic, typo-tolerant search, guided navigation and merchandising tools that will give users an exceptional shopping experience. 

JSC “SearchNode”, e-mail:

App for kids

PyjamasApps” strives to offer apps that strengthens kid's abilities such as ability to play alone, ability to express meanings, ability to create and imagine using  IT products.

PyjamasApps” first app was named “Kids CARS”. It allows kids to choose vehicle, repaint it with favorite colors, change wheels, fix engine and drive to other garage.

A toy encourages kid not only to tap tablet, but also to talk as well as to develop imagination and creativity outside the app. This toy is created for the youngest users and it is perfect to develop skills for iPad, iPhone and Android devices. 

JSC “Pyjamas APPS”, e-mail:

Energy technologies

The “Inovatas” is working on 3 main technologies:

  • the technology for metal hydrides production using plasma based approach. These metal hydrides can be used for hydrogen storage applications;
  • the invented method of hydrogen extraction from water, specifically – hydrogen production from water, employing water interaction with the surfaces of metals or their alloys activated in plasma, when during the interaction metal hydroxides and hydrogen are formed;
  • developed Ni- based nanocrystalline membranes for hydrogen extraction from hydrocarbons. Company will produce and characterize set of membranes which will be proposed to market applications.

JSC “Inovatas”, e-mail:

Innovation in biotechnology 

“IMD technologies” produces biopolyol, which are used for production of polyurethane foam. Currently polyols are made of petroleum products, however, this company proposes biopolyol made from vegetable oils. This biopolyol have much better characteristics compared with chemical polyols

This start-up also produces epoxidized oil, which can be used as natural plasticizer instead of chemical plasticizers in such industries as Cosmetics, Toys manufacturing, PVC production, Dying and polishing products manufacturing and etc.

This company develops and carries out various analytical analyses for industrial needs:

  • Preparation (purification) of metagenomic DNR from various sources;
  • Search and development of enzymes with specific activities

JSC “IMD technologies”, e-mail:


“AurumDot” is developing new technologies for pharmaceutical and diagnostic biotechnology applications using nanoparticle technology. Presently it supplies multi-function gold nanoparticles with different size and surface coatings for biological applications. It is producing highly fluorescent and strong X-ray absorption coefficient gold nanoclusters as dual-modality imaging contrast agents for fluorescent and X-ray dual-modality imaging. The company’s mission is to enable the customers to maximize the potential benefits of nanotechnology through the use of highly characterized gold nanoparticles. 

JSC “AurumDot”, e-mail:

Information updated 14.01.2014