Integrated Science, Studies and Business Centres (Valleys)

In Lithuania there are developed five Integrated Science, Studies and Business Centers (Valleys) with a view to building up research, studies and knowledge economy clusters of international level, accelerating the development of knowledge society and consolidating the long- term foundation for the competitiveness of Lithuania’s economy.

The important objective is to concentrate, upgrade and optimize the infrastructure that would facilitate the development of high technologies and other most viable sectors of science, technology and business. Valleys should provide favorable environment for the transfer of scientific know-how and technology to the business sector.

The Valleys are located in the three country‘s largest cities (Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda).

Santara and Sauletekis Valleys (Vilnius) – biotechnologies, innovative medicine, biopharmacy, ecosystems, ICT, laser and lightechnologies, nanotechnologies, semiconductors technologies and electronics, civil engineering.

Nemunas and Santaka Valleys (Kaunas) – agro biotechnologies, bioenergy and forestry, food technologies, safety and wellness, sustainable chemistry and pharmacy, mechatronics, future energy and ICT.

Maritime Valley (Klaipėda) – maritime technologies and maritime environment.